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  1. diane
    diane at |

    This time period of this one does not interest me – I’m such a fussy reader these days LOL


  2. Beth F
    Beth F at |

    Not sure if that paragraph drew me in but I like the time period, so I might read a bit more just to see.

  3. Laurel-Rain Snow
    Laurel-Rain Snow at |

    I always feel so sad for young women from that era, who must seemingly “audition” for a role of wife to the nobility.

    This one sounds like it has an intriguing twist. Thanks for sharing…and enjoy. Here’s mine: “BLOOD DEFENSE”

  4. Literary Feline
    Literary Feline at |

    My first thought was, “Don’t kill the wolves!” Haha The blurb definitely has me interested. This sounds like it would be a fun read. I like books of intrigue and when not everyone is who they appear to be.

  5. Judy B
    Judy B at |

    The first paragraph was not an interest grabber for me, but the synopsis and cover you included drew me in. I have added it to my ever growing stack of TBR.

  6. Sandra Nachlinger
    Sandra Nachlinger at |

    Sounds like a fascinating historical romance. Beautiful cover too.
    My Tuesday post features HANGTOWN CREEK – A Tale of the California Gold Rush.

  7. Donna
    Donna at |

    I love the cover.