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  1. Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight
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    YES. CHARACTERS ALWAYS STOP TO KISS WHEN THEY’RE LITERALLY IN LIFE OR DEATH SITUATIONS. I get so aggravated by that. But that’s not even just YA books. In adult books it’s even worse because they actually stop to fool around, which takes even longer lol. And I also like flawed characters. I’m tired of MCs being perfect. I agree that it’s so unrealistic for them to all be so amazing at fighting and whatnot that one of them can take down 5 paranormal creatures with super strength all at once. And I kind of wouldn’t mind more tragic endings either, I think. It’s not that I like them per se, but if there were more, it would make all books a little less predictable, I think. Great post!
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  2. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction
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    I agree with you about ALL of these. The tragic endings might kill me, but I’d still like to see them now and again. (I’m one of those few people who didn’t hate the ending to a certain very popular series where the main character died – which shall go nameless in case there’s someone somewhere who hasn’t read it and hasn’t been spoiled.)