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  1. Toi Thomas
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    I get your points. Sometimes I like a comparison to give me an idea of what to expect; whether it’s something I want to read or something I don’t. It is dissappointing though when these comparisons are way off or superficial. Having the same theme doesn’t mean two books are similar. For me, it’s a toss of the dice.
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  2. Sahara Foley
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    I have to agree. I don’t compare my books with other authors. I let the readers do that in their reviews.

  3. Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight
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    Oh, I hate this too. The thing is, I don’t read many of the popular, hyped books because they simply don’t appeal to me. So comparing a book to those other books just kind of turns me off. There’s a reason I didn’t want to read those. So if this book is like those, I don’t want to read this either. Or like you said, if I read that book and disliked it, then why would I want to read this one?

    Also, I feel like, does that ever actually turn out well? Because the comparisons don’t ever seem to live up to what they promise, and then people go in expecting one thing and are disappointed when they get something else. It’s gimmicky to make those comparisons and seems to backfire more often than it works.
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