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  1. Billy
    Billy at |

    My problem is finding the time to write a novel.

  2. Elizabeth (Silver's Reviews)
    Elizabeth (Silver's Reviews) at |

    Great to hear you have something in the works.

    Nice to see you on the Blog Hop.


    Hope to see you every week. Lovely blog.

    Happy Hopping!!

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  3. Maria Behar
    Maria Behar at |

    It sounds like you have the same problem I do — anxiety about what you’re writing. I didn’t say that in so many words in my own BBH post. Instead, I mentioned several other factors that have prevented me from actually completing a book. But it all boils down to anxiety…. Basically, I think we — and most aspiring writers — worry endlessly about whether our books will be well received. Rejection of one’s creative work can be SO devastating….so we begin a project, then get discouraged, because of all the negative thoughts swirling in our heads…..it’s those negative thoughts that actually kill those novels struggling to be born….

    I’m very glad to hear that you have something in the works, and you’re very wise not to give out too many details about it! I actually published the beginning of a novel on my blog years ago, and my main plot idea was stolen by someone else. They did something entirely different with it, but it was still MY idea. So keep your ideas close to your heart, and in your head, until the entire thing is finished and published! Good luck!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my own BBH post!! 🙂