On Books, Goals, and 2017

2016 came and went. It wasn’t my best reading year, but I’m not beating myself up over it too much. I have high hopes of finishing my set goal of 80 or more books this year. Besides reading all the books and becoming focused on my upcoming semester (which is not a goal–a necessity), I have one big goal I want to achieve this year.

–I want to finish writing and editing my current WIP.

Though most likely I won’t get to seriously touch it until May because I am the worst multitasker (which is why I always fail at Nanowrimo–school+writing=wishing to die). That and online classes have ridiculous workloads.

My favorite book of 2016 was:

I wish this was a series. It’s a shame that really great books aren’t the ones to have sequels.


A tweet that inspired me:


Currently reading:


I’m still considering getting a co-blogger to help out with the blog when I’m busy. For me that would take a lot of trust, so hmmm.

I would also like to write more discussion posts this year.

And as always improve reviews and the blog in general. c;

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  1. Vendea
    Vendea at |

    I totally agree with Forbidden Wish! I also read it this year and it was one of my most favourite ones too. It’s too bad it didn’t have a companion novel or something but it’s true that it might drop its quality. Who knows, right?