July 2017

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General Life Update: Camp NaNoWriMo and My WIP

I haven’t been reading as much lately (or more accurately finishing at the usual speed). I have about three or four books started or already in the middle of—which is highly unusual for me. It has not been a great reading year so far and I doubt it will be later on.

Depression and anxiety have continuously been eating away at me as always, but I wanted to finish my WIP this summer before I start my fall semester for college. And if this semester is anything like the last, I will not have time to write anything but a mountain of essays.

So, I’m using Camp NaNoWriMo to hopefully motivate myself to finish. Looking at my cabin mates’ progress makes me want to do better (than my current self). They have interesting ideas and it looks like everyone’s doing fine. Shout out to the T-Bird Cabin.

The idea for my WIP came to me in December 2016. I wrote one chapter at that point and put the project off until this summer so I could work on that without interfering with coursework (Spring 2017 was hell with assignments).

MY WIP is based on a myth (think gods and gold). I would use the word retelling loosely since I only borrowed one aspect and changed all else. I’m doing my best to stress female friendships and ace representation (main character). And I know some people don’t like it, but I’m not including romance for the MC (but there will be for one m/m couple—they will be important to the plot and will have a WIP of their own). I’m excited to finish this WIP and start the second WIP.