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So you stumbled upon this safehouse, which means that you have somehow managed to escape from the horde of zombies unscathed. But you’re probably tired and hungry from the lack of resources. It’s becoming scarce these days. Between that and the zombies, the real danger is the humans who calculate and strike against ‘easy targets’ so don’t get too comfortable. Sleep with one eye open.


Anyway, I’m Christina and this humble abode is my special little place on the internet. I read and review many different types of books. I absolutely love historical fiction, anything to do with the Tudors is pretty much a must read for me. These last few years I’ve really gotten into Young Adult fiction, so I do review a lot of YA titles.

I do accept review requests and such. I usually like to read print copies instead of ebooks. Although, if I really want to read a certain title I will gladly accept an ebook.

In my personal life, I’m just a lowly college student from a poor Appalachian background. Books were and still are a way for me to mentally escape and discover new and faraway places. I strongly desire to one day be an author. 😀

~Currently not open to review requests due to demanding classes~

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